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Hangun, Pistol and Revolver 

Find, compare and save on a firearms from brokers, dealers and manufacturers. Compare prices to find the right handgun for you. Buy, sell or trade any revolver and pistol as well as parts and accessories from national or local ethusiasts who collect as a hobby or business. 

Our gun directory provides you with a list of the most popular manufacturers with the best models. Browse our articles for the latest reviews from consumers and the leading firearm companies in the marketplace. 

Learn about firearms that range in caliber from 9 mm, .45 ACP, .380 ACP and .22 LR. Whether you are looking for the Glock 17, Glock 19, Magnum Research or Smith and Wesson, we offer compact for concealed carry and powerful full size for hunting or personal protection. 


A handgun is a firearm that is designed and manufactured to be held in your hand when it is fired or operated. This very distinct characteristic is what differentiates them as a specific class that are different that their larger cousins such as the machine gun,  rifle and shotgun. Sub types include pistols, revolvers, single shot, semi automatic, machine and even fully automatic. Modern guns are designed with a molded metal or plastic used by police departments, military and civilians  alike and are great for offensive or defensive situations.


Revolvers offer a rotating cylinder which containscartridges for bullets and will hold 5 to 7 different loads depending on the model, however .22 caliber can hold 8 to 10 cartridges. Reload the cylinder in two different ways depending on the model. For example, the Colt Peace Keeper is loaded one by one like most older models or all cartiridges can be loaded simultaneously. This can occur only when the frame is "broke up" or the cylinder is switched to the side. 

Single Action

A semi automatic can have two distinct "action styles" referred to as single action and double action. Single action refers to a revolver that must be manually cocked by hand with each shot making the cylinder rotate to the next cartridge. All of the older revolvers in history was designed as single action. The single action is still also available in many of the double action models. The original mode slows the fire rate improving accuracy. In a semi automatic, the single shot refers to the fact that the pistol must be manually cocked by hand (this is achieved by pulling the slide and feeding the chamber by cocking the hammer). For all consecutive shots, it must be cocked manually after the force of the recoil pulls back the slide. 

Double Action

Double action is designed so that the hammer for the first shot and each consecutive shot is cocked by pulling the rigger (pulling of the trigger automatically rotates the cylinder to the next position, thus allowing it to fire a new round). This mode simplifies the shooting and speeds up the firing rate but increases the weight of the trigger pull. 2.2 to 4.4 lbs is found in single action and 8.8 to 12.2 lbs is found in double action. As for the semi automatic, the hammer is cocked by a trigger pull only at the first shot but all remaining shots are performed in single action mode. The first load must be fed into the chamber by the slide pull.  Most compact semi automatic must utilize a double action mode. 

Pistol vs Revolver

Due to its popularity and reliability, the reolver is still in wide use. Most revolvers hold 6 bullet rounds whereas some pistols may hold up to 17 rounds of ammo. Revolvers although have been proven to be more reliable because of the simplicity of the design. Today there are modern inexpensive semi automatic models that can easily accomodate two to three times as many loads ready to fire that the common revolver.  Another reason for its popularity is its sensitivity to ammunition thus reducing or eliminating jams or stoppages. Even if it misfires, you simply pull the trigger again to fire the next round of ammunition. Semi automatic needs sufficient power to cycle the slide rendering insufficiently powered load inoperable. In this case, the slide must be manually cycled to the next round. In a defensive situation, the manual act could cost you need time and your life and generally are less sensitive to quality of ammunition and abuse due to design. The main negative is its bulkier size and small capacity for ammunition along with the reduced rate to reload. Replacing the magazine in a semi automatic is much faster than reloading a revolver. Finally, it is more difficult to conceal and carry than the modern compact pistols. 




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